20’x20’ High Peak Frame Tent


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Product Information:

High Peak Tents MUST be booked at least 3 weeks out from event date.

🎪 Versatile Setup: Our 20x20 high peak frame tents can be effortlessly set up on grass, asphalt, or any other flat surface, providing flexibility for various event locations.

💼 Price Inclusions: Your rental package includes the professional setup and teardown of the tent. Please note that delivery charges are not included and will be quoted separately based on your address and other factors such as distance, ease of access, and time window requirements.

Anchoring Options:

🔨 Staking: For optimal stability in Florida's weather conditions, we utilize 40-inch stakes, ensuring secure anchoring of the tent.

Staking Requirements:

⚠️ Utility Precautions: Prior to installation, it is essential to call 811 to have all underground utilities marked. Additionally, a staking waiver must be signed, releasing Central Florida Event Rentals from any liability associated with staking our 40" by 1" in diameter steel stakes into underground utilities, lines, pipes, or other obstacles.

Anchoring Alternatives:

🛑 Concrete Weights: In instances where staking is not feasible, concrete weights can be employed as an alternative anchoring method. Please note that this incurs an additional cost. Before proceeding with concrete weights, our team will assess the tent site to ensure compatibility with our block dollies. A minimum of 4 concrete blocks will be required. However, if there are any hills, gravel, or other rolling hazards between the truck and the tent site, concrete anchoring may not be possible.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • 20’x8’ Solid Tent Sidewall

  • 20’x8’ Windowed Tent Sidewall

  • 500 lbs Concrete Anchors

  • Concrete Block Vinyl Cover

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